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  • Grids by Marciano
  • Grids by Marciano
  • Grids by Marciano
  • Grids by Marciano
  • Illustration

  • Marciano DeSantoz

  • January 8th, 2010


Grids by Marciano

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Leaps of faith are not foreign to me. As an entrepreneur I know you’ve experienced them or at least dreamt about them too.

In the past, my leaps of faith were all about trusting myself. Leaning into what I believed I could do or accomplish.

Those leaps are important. They strengthen us. They mold us. Often, they transform us, especially when we fall flat on our faces, and are forced to look at the world and ourselves differently with new perspective and life experience.

There is another type of leap though that is even scarier… but more exciting at the same time.

It’s a leap into the great spirit of the universe, where we can humbly say that it is not our own power by which we fly, but through the enormously greater power of something beyond ourselves.

Can we trust that this greater energy force, comprised of all of the interconnected beautiful life, motion, quanta, and all that is, will be there to not only catch us, but propel us into flight?

Resistance meets us in this place, and will drive it like a nail into our coffins.

One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned has been that whatever resistance is selling me, the truth exists in the opposite. The truth is walking through resistance into acceptance of the reality of what we are, and what is right in front of us.